2012 Champaign St. Jude Runners

2012 Champaign St. Jude Runners
Our AMAZING group of runners for 2012~

St. Jude Supporters

St. Jude Supporters
After running for 20 hours, the thousands of supporters lining the streets to cheer our arrival is an important and welcome boost!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh oh. Just looked at the calendar!

Kathleen and I have been really, really, busy of late. There are lots of duties associated with being St. Jude Run coordinators, and it seems like there's always something to do with preparing for our upcoming run this August. Our heavy-lifting work is winding down, and most of the things are in place to support the Run (funding, transportation, recruiting, etc). Today we just finished up getting our own fundraising letters together to put in the mail. In short, we're feeling pretty good about where we are, and what we've accomplished!

...that is, until I looked at our website, and noticed that there are 39 days left before the Run.

I think I have made it clear in previous blogs that I am not a runner. At least, not like Kathleen. Not like the majority of the fine folks who are part of the Champaign-to-Peoria Run. Those are Runners, with a capital "R".

No. I am a lower case "r" runner.

I did run a bit last year. I declared myself as the official videographer and photographer of the CU St. Jude Run team. A person with my self-declared responsibilities must be around the Runners so I can document the Run. I ride the team bus to the next relay point, and set up my tripod to take pictures. I video the interactions of the wonderful folks who give so much of themselves to help the children of St. Jude.

Sometimes I even ride the chase van so I can get some good pictures. Then I ride the bus again.

I think I'm building a case here that I am not an upper case "R" runner. But, there are segments to be run by folks like me. The first mile is an all-hands on deck run. This year we will start from downtown Champaign, and it is shaping up to be a great start! We also have a .8 mile run in the town of Tremont where we look forward to an amazing dip in the community pool.

And of course, the final mile is over the Bob Michel bridge--past the waving and cheering greeters in Peoria. That's not a mile to be missed. The entry into the Civic Center is about a 1/3 mile run...another not-to-be-missed segment. Last year we were cheered into the Civic Center by St. Jude patients--many without hair. Fist-bumping, high-fiving children who are the reason we do what we do (there was not a dry eye among us).

There are other shortish runs of two or two-and-a-half miles. Perfect for my level of conditioning.

Wait. Conditioning. Calendar. Thirty-nine days to go..oh, oh.

It dawned on me that I've not been getting out there to prepare myself for this year's Run. My wife and many of her friends regularly run together. Many of our CU Runners are marathoners who are always training for something.

Me? I'm the photographer. And I'm in trouble.

So, today, I decided there is enough time to get ready for what I plan to run, but I need to get started, and start today is exactly what I did! I strapped on my running shoes, slipped into my standard running clothes, and headed out to get ready for what is to come in 39 days.

I huffed and puffed. I knew I could make my goal, but I forgot just how out of condition I had become. My legs ached and complained. but this is all about raising money for the children of St. Jude, and I have learned to push through the pain and muscle fatigue in order to do my part. I was pretty satisfied with my effort.

Tomorrow--I'll make it to the mailbox!